Vase in a name?

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” – Luther Burbank

A home is a special place for anyone. It’s a place to feel at peace with oneself, with family & friends, and enjoy the things that make our homes beautiful and add to our home décor.

If you recall, we’ve spent a lot of time closeted inside our homes lately but realized the benefits of spending more time with our families. Why not enhance the bonding and bring in the beauty of nature inside our homes too? Bringing in flowers to our living room décor is a wonderful, therapeutic way to liven up the indoors.

Studies have shown that flowers inside home interiors that could be seen repeatedly experienced an increase in mood as well as displayed more compassion with people! Flowers truly dispel negative energy, lower blood pressure, reduce feelings of pain and anxiety as well as help with fatigue.

Flowers are truly magical, aren’t they? They are nature’s marvels, beautiful to touch and smell, and never fail to bring on a smile, don’t they? Nature endows them in many shapes, sizes, colours and textures. They are indeed the perfect way to complement your house and enhance the beauty of your home. And what if you need to see, touch and feel them over a number of days?

You need a vase!


Strong Construction: Made with high-grade, high-quality ceramic, resistant to cracking & corrosion, shiny and cool to the touch, your special flowers deserve a vase that makes them stand out.

Designed for Luxury: The FINELUXDECORS™ HANDBAG CERAMIC VASE is designed to look like an elegant tote bag that will certainly stand out as part of any home décor theme, providing a uber luxurious look and warm glow to any house, inside or out.

Conversation Starter: It is lightweight but high-capacity, capable of storing a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Modern and contemporary, yet eye-catching at first glance, it’s bound to spark a conversation among family and friends, when seen for the first time, adding a touch of natural beauty.

Multi-Utilitarian: This stylish FINELUXDECORS™ HANDBAG CERAMIC VASE can also be displayed as a stand-alone or decorative piece, adding a lively touch to any decorative style.

Multi-Functional: Available in pink, orange and yellow colours, the FINELUXDECORS™ HANDBAG CERAMIC VASE is finished in a faux distressed style to give it an antique look. It makes for a great holder to display small plants, herbs, and succulents. It can also hold other objects such as faux florals, pearls, pebbles, and other vase fillers, giving impetus to your adding to list of living room ideas.

Secure footprint: It has a non-slip bottom and is able to hold the vase contents securely onto any surface.

Gift-worthy: Lest we forget to add, this beautiful vase makes for a great gift idea to folks who have a green thumb, especially on occasions such as a housewarming, wedding anniversary or even a birthday gift! Could it be considered among Mother’s Day Gift ideas? Of course!

So what are you waiting for? Buy or gift the FINELUXDECORS™ HANDBAG CERAMIC VASE and score some green points either for yourself, or your loved ones!

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We urge you to buy this outstanding and beautiful FINELUXDECORS™ HANDBAG CERAMIC VASE and enjoy it, for years to come!

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