Shelf Life? Shelf Love!

At FineLuxDecors, our ambition has always been to share our knowledge and passion for the best lifestyle and design traditions. Whether it is cozy art, or delightful lights, or magnificent home goods, at FineLuxDecors, you’ll find plenty of ways to express yourself and spread some joy, with our wide range of home accessories.

It should not be of any surprise that we have chosen to showcase a home décor accessory that is as beautiful as it is functional. It represents Nordic design – present in the five Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland - at its best in terms of pure simplicity, elegant minimalism, and utter functionality.

Shelves are accessories that are essential in every home. They are not only convenient and a space-saving storage option, they can also be eye-catching and draw visibility as a design element.

Presenting the FINELUXDECORS™ NORDIC WALL SHELF, an ode to minimalism, at its very best! The focus is on the design of a simple product - a wall shelf!

The FINELUXDECORS™ NORDIC WALL SHELF is what Nordic Design is all about: Craftsmanship and aesthetics, in everyday products!  

The FINELUXDECORS™ NORDIC WALL SHELF is a perfectly designed geometric shelf to enhance the look and appeal wherever you choose to showcase it. It could be in your living room, bedroom or, even in your bathroom!

On it, you can choose to display mementos that are dear to you and your heart. Or, simply use it for a functional purpose – to hang home keys or car keys, a flower pot, or, a small torch etc.

The  FINELUXDECORS™ NORDIC WALL SHELF is completely handmade with wrought iron. Thanks to its minimalistic design, the shelf does not take too much of space. A lustrous metallic finish will add a shine to the room it is featured on, or, its black matte finish will draw attention to its beauty!

The Nordic Wall Shelf comes in many shapes – circular, octagonal, shelves-within-octagonal, 2 octagonals welded to each other, as a triangle, 4 circles welded to each other, rectangular, heart shaped etc. For each of these shapes, you can let your imagination run riot, in terms of either storing or displaying things that matter to you!

Beautiful and simple, the Nordic style FINELUXDECORS™ NORDIC WALL SHELF suits modern living spaces that require functional and adaptable products that can withstand the test of time.

Thanks to the simple but stylish elegance of Scandinavian design, creating a stylish and modern space using FINELUXDECORS™ NORDIC WALL SHELF just got easier!

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