Beam me up, Scotty!

If you are/were a Star Trek fan and often reminisced about the television series’ allure of aliens, starships, and how the faraway worlds gave full reign to your imagination, allowing you to be transported at warp speed among the cosmos, fret not, we have a device now that could aid you in your reverie!

Or, if you wish to stimulate your child’s curiosity, spark their imagination and harness their creativity, then it is particularly apt that you welcome the FINELUXDECORS™ ASTRONAUT STARRY SKY PROJECTOR into your home.

Just imagine reclining on your favourite sofa looking up at the ceiling, within the comfort of your home, children in tow, and gazing up at a stunning night sky filled with stars and soft puffy clouds.

Switch on a button on the Projector and voila, the FINELUXDECORS™ ASTRONAUT STARRY SKY PROJECTOR  beams striking visuals of the cosmos onto your ceiling, taking you on a journey into deep space, amongst the stars, the milky way, nebulas and cosmos. In the process, it aids in creating a heavenly atmosphere that is immersive, sublime, soothing and relaxing ambient night-time experience.

If there was any truth to the saying, “Big Things comes in small packages”, the FINELUXDECORS™ ASTRONAUT STARRY SKY PROJECTOR embodies all of that and more!

The FINELUXDECORS™ ASTRONAUT STARRY SKY PROJECTOR gives you the flexibility to project 8 different nebula lighting effects plus the twinkling of stars. On top of that, the projector has 5 different brightness levels & 5 different rotational speeds to help create the perfect ambience. The astronaut’s adjustable head can be swivelled 360° with magnetic attraction, allowing the nebula to be projected anywhere based on your viewing angle comfort. In addition, the astronaut’s lunar base is detachable, arms can be moved, and various poses can be struck.

The FINELUXDECORS™ ASTRONAUT STARRY SKY PROJECTOR comes with its own remote, which gives you full control in adjusting the pattern, brightness and flashing frequency, mixing and matching the nebula or star patterns. In addition, you can set the Projector’s timing to either 45 or 90 minutes, after which, it will automatically turn off!

The FINELUXDECORS™ ASTRONAUT STARRY SKY PROJECTOR makes for interesting viewing and discussions during birthdays, parties, children’s day events, and wedding or anniversary gifts. This product is great for any space enthusiast as a collector’s item.  But beyond that, the projector can just be used simply as a night light, gazing up at stars and other worlds out there and gently drifting you to a deep sleep!

The Projector is made of Environmentally Friendly Material, non-toxic and hence suitable for children, weighing in at just 655gms. Moreover, it takes up very little space, and its modern, compact and robust construction is bound to delight you for its longevity. And, oh lest we forget, it draws just 5W of power.

The FINELUXDECORS™ ASTRONAUT STARRY SKY PROJECTOR can be yours for just $109.99 and we offer you a ‘Buy More, Save More’ irresistible option. Drop by our website and take advantage of it!

Outer Space. It need not be the final frontier. Gift yourself the FINELUXDECORS™ ASTRONAUT STARRY SKY PROJECTOR and bring the cosmos inside the comfort of your home!

Visit our website and place your order now. Do let your friends and contacts know about your selection here as well! Cheers!