A ‘mat’ter of utility and sophistication

Our homes say a lot about us and who we are. It showcases our achievements and expresses our core values, beliefs, hopes & dreams. People believe “Home is where the heart is”. This sentiment is indisputable. Over centuries, people made homes for themselves as a sanctuary to belong, to feel safe, relax with family & friends, and aspire for growth.  

Ensuring health and hygiene in one’s own home, in the aftermath of CoVid, has now become a priority for many homeowners.

One such product – top-selling item on our website for your home décor and interiors – promoting hygiene and health, is the FINELUXDECORS™ SUPER ABSORBENT BATH MAT.

Picture this scenario. You have just had a bath, you step out of your bathroom and place your still wet feet on the FINELUXDECORS™ SUPER ABSORBENT BATH MAT. In less than 3 – 5 seconds, the mat quickly absorbs water flowing down your feet and helps dry your soles completely.

Innovative New Technology: The  FINELUXDECORS™ SUPER ABSORBENT BATH MAT is made of 4 layers of new technology and innovative material. Layer #1 has a crocodile skin texture, allowing for rapid penetration of moisture. Layer #2 is made of a diatom mud cast, providing exceptional water-absorbing capacity. Layer #3 is a regeneration sponge in a mesh format, that holds the water and by its nature, allows for quick evaporation. The last layer #4 is a non-slip rubber bottom that hugs the floor in a firm grip, increases safety, stability and prevents skidding.

In Vogue: The FINELUXDECORS™ SUPER ABSORBENT BATH MAT is particularly suitable for modern homes because of it simple, fashionable colors and patterns.

Multi-functional: Though positioned primarily as a Bath Mat, it can also be used in front of the kitchen sink, bedrooms, living room, doorways, balconies, stairways and alongside the bathtub, to name a few places. Should you browse for gift ideas for new homeowners or among home goods store section, this product makes for a thoughtful one!

Strong USP’s: Thanks to FINELUXDECORS™ SUPER ABSORBENT BATH MAT strong water absorption capability, fast water permeability, water evaporation qualities, it can keep floors clean, dry and comfortable.

Causes no damage: Durability is also a plus point. Further, as its bottom layer is made of rubber non-slip sole, it does not cause damage to the floor!

Minimal Cleaning: Lest we forget to mention, the FINELUXDECORS™ SUPER ABSORBENT BATH MAT is washable, needing only a clean with a brush or sponge, followed by a rinse under flowing water, saving your time and energy. It is also lightweight and soft to the touch, making it foldable and convenient for storage.

Buy More, Save More: We are so confident of the FINELUXDECORS™ SUPER ABSORBENT BATH MAT, we are happy to announce a ‘Buy More, Save More’ special offer – Buy 2 mats for a 5% off, Buy 3 for a 10% off and Buy 5 for a 20% off! You can choose the mats from 2 shapes – rectangle or round; and from upto 4 colours – gray, blue, purple and khakhi.

We at FineLuxDecors have a simple mission – we help you, dear customer, to achieve the right balance of form and function. We take care of the small details to enable you to see the big picture!

With the FINELUXDECORS™ SUPER ABSORBENT BATH MAT, we are proud that we have achieved our mission.

Visit our website and place your order now. Do let your friends and contacts know about your selection here as well! Cheers!